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B i o g r a p h y

Yasi, Oliver, and Louli Zeichner are three siblings who have grown up in the hills of central Vermont. They play traditional Irish and Old-Time/Appalachian music – with Louli on 4 and 5-string banjos and Celtic harp, Oliver on the penny whistle and the uilleann pipes, and Yasi with fiddle and sean nós dance. Each a strong and well-developed singer, their voices blend in both harmony and unison as only families can. Bringing age-old melodies alive with creativity in voice and instrument, the group has gained a reputation in Vermont as standard-bearers of the tradition. Since 2012 when they became involved with music non-profit Young Tradition VT, they have entertained audiences with lively fiddle tunes and dance steps, mournful ballads, lyrical bagpipes, and timeless banjo – and a bit of sibling banter, of course. 

Their first gig was at the VT Tunbridge History Expo, and since then the trio has played for the VT Statehouse Farmer’s Night, the New World Festival in Randolph, VT, and Club Passim in Boston; they've represented VT at the Big E in Springfield MA, and peformed for the Irish ambassador's 2018 visit to VT, and they've opened for the Burren Backroom Series in Boston.

Throughout their musical journey, the siblings have been lucky to live in a state with a vibrant traditional music community, making their music an essential part of the fabric of their lives, and they hope that sharing what they do brings inspiration to their audiences.

The Zeichner Trio